NOTICE: Bit Love Media has no relation to FetLife/BitLove Ltd. If you are trying to reach them, please use their contact page.

About Us

A Community-Driven Media Network

Bit Love Media was created with the goal of becoming a next-generation socialized media network. Unlike existing networks that are solely about content publishing, we recognize the need to evolve with the web as it becomes ever more social. By integrating and supporting both social platform features and content publishing functionality on specialized homegrown technology, we are able to engage niche audiences unlike any other. Our formula is to provide the digital space and social tools around niche communities, spur conversation via exclusive editorial content, and bring it all together under iconic brand that represents the enthusiast lifestyle.

Every audience needs a banner to rally under and a space to make their home.

Bit Love Media was founded in 2010 by Mike Prasad and is based in Los Angeles, California. Currently, Bit Love Media and each enthusiast community is self-funded & community supported.

No corporate disconnect here, we are bootstrapped and run by people that love each super-niche as much as you.